General Refund/Cancellation Policy

Radigone and associated applications is a Social Money Platform where Radigone has introduced a new advertisement mode and four different participants will play a vital role. Every participant has different role and responsibilities and payment or refund and cancellation structure mentioned so below will be applicable at the time of refund or cancellation: Refund in case of failed transactions: Failed transactions are those transactions in which amount is debited from Radigone participants’ Bank card/ account but not received at Radigone. In such cases, participant needs to talk to his/her respective Bank.

Radigone payment reconciliation team works on a 24x7 basis, and will refund the amount in Radigone participants’ Bank card/ Account in 7 working days. Because of multiplicity of organizations involved in processing of online transactions and available internet infrastructure, said period may be extended further.

Four participants are:
1. Viewer
2. Sponsor/Advertiser
3. Agent
4. Advisor

Registration/Sign up charges once paid in all participants are non-refundable.


 Advertisement campaign charges are refundable as table listed below: a) If refund is requested by advertiser just after creating an advertisement campaign, charges 10% plus GST as per government norms on total amount paid by advertiser/Sponsor will be applicable or as per clause (b) and (c) given below.

b) If advertisement campaign is presented for cancellation 48 hours in advance of the scheduled launching time, charges 25% plus GST as per government norms on total amount paid by advertiser/Sponsor will be applicable.

c) No refund will be allowed 48 hours prior to the launch of advertisement campaign.

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