Why Radigone

At Radigone we are facilitating the users on three platforms

  • 1. Viewers
  • 2. Sponsors
  • 3. Agents

For Viewers

  • 1. Providing financial assistance to clear routine unavoidable expenses like Phone bill,Mobile bill, Internet bills, Petrol/FASTag/Electricity and water bills, Insurance policy etc
  • 2. Offering encashment of Radigone points into bank account
  • 3. Very sophisticated Radigone points reporting system
  • 4. Freedom of watching advertisements as per viewer’s choice and area of interest
  • 5. No Gender/Language/Place of living/Education background/Reference basis discrimination.
  • 6. No travelling here and there so no Fuel/Time and fare expenses
  • 7. Latest updates from your favourite company brands
  • 8. Special discount for Radigone viewers from advertisement companies*
  • 9. How to opt out from advertisement campaign shared by all companies to protect your privacy
  • 10. Creating business opportunities for Viewers, Agents and Sponsors/Companies
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For Sponsors

  • 1. Helps in promotion and marketing of Goods/Services/Brands/Profession/Individual talent like Singing/Writing/Poetry/Painting/Motivational and Spiritual speakers etc
  • 2. A unique marketing platform where sponsor/company will get database of customers who viewed and responded to their advertisement campaign which is not available in any form of available marketing media like Print media, Broadcast media (TV/Radio/Cinema/SMS/Whatsapp) and Internet media (social media/Vlogging/Blogging)
  • 3. Providing unfiltered and filtered customer database to boost your trade/business and services
  • 4. Very sophisticated Radigone customer database reporting system
  • 5. Very responsive sales and support team
  • 6. Attractive and very effective tools like Discount coupons/sale on basis of Radigone points/Viewer’s Birthday/ Viewer’s Anniversary/Legal abide and Post-paid arrangements available to boost your trade/business and services.
  • 7. Time saver platform
  • 8. Decrease routine expenses like Office/shop rent, Office/Shop water and electricity bill, Employees salary and other working expenses by prompt market response
  • 9. User friendly platform to run advertisement campaign
  • 10. Creating business opportunities for Sponsors/Companies, Viewers and Agents
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For Agents

  • 1. Helps in generating income opportunity for agents
  • 2. Providing a platform to showcase their talent and experience
  • 3. No Gender/Language/Place of living/Education background/Reference basis discrimination.
  • 4. No prior experience required
  • 5. Helps in building entrepreneurship.
  • 6. Recurring income in case sponsor publishing advertisement by using agents’ link
  • 7. Win Win situation for Agents, Sponsors and Viewers
  • 8. Help agent in generating customer database
  • 9. Job/Work security.
  • 10. Income security.
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It’s amazing how many customers are responding to our surveys. For every dollar we spend on a subscription, we generate about $25 in additional revenue

William Trosyon


It’s amazing how many customers are responding to our surveys. For every dollar we spend on a subscription, we generate about $25 in additional revenue

Sherrinford William

Frequently Asked Question

What is an survey?

Put simply, an Internet survey is a questionnaire hosted on a website. These surveys are designed to elicit responses on nearly any research topic and may be completed by anyone with Internet access. Internet surveys are easy to complete, allowing respondents to quickly provide information crucial to your research needs

How long does the process take?

As long or as short as you require. Internet surveys can be designed, programmed and launched in a matter of days. Responses are available immediately and can be "harvested" on a regular basis. There is no need to wait for data to be entered. The survey can remain on-line for days, weeks, months or indefinitely. Results can be tabulated on any schedule, according to your needs.

Do you offer plans for corporate needs?

Our Enterprise plans offer HIPAA compliance, advanced security, and admin features for increased governance and control

Do you offer discounts for teams?

We offer discounts when you sign up for business plans that include 3 or more people. With Team Advantage and Team Premier plans, you’ll save 20% or more over personal plans and get access to additional collaboration features


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